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Access Control

SDB Solutions, Inc. offers access control services through Isonas. As a proud partner, SDB Solutions, Inc. is a certified integrator for access control software and devices for Isonas.

What is access control?

Simply put, control over your business. Whether it be time and attendance, key fobs, wristbands and mobile apps, we can help you maintain more control over your business while also helping to prevent fraud.  Access control allows users access to certain areas within the office(s) as well as access to specific programs and processes. SDB Solutions, Inc. will help your business with set up and maintenance. Know exactly when an employee clocks in or out, allow remote access via mobile credentials and restrict access to anything such as: doors, file cabinets, even machinery. With access control services from SDB Solutions, Inc. you can also prevent unauthorized use of equipment and programs by untrained personnel.