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Information only flows as well as the network it is on. Whether a wired corporate network or a WiFi deployment covering multiple acres, SDB can design and implement the right solution for your needs.

Did you know?

The cybersecurity landscape has changed dramatically in the last few years. We’ve gone from primarily targeted attacks against specific companies to a more “mass spam” where they hit everyone and see what sticks.  At the network level, security has 3 major components:
A network firewall acts as the security guard at the door.
Network segregation keeps unrelated systems apart from each other and prevents traffic from more vulnerable systems (cameras, cell phones) to those requiring more security (servers, workstations).
Endpoint protection works on the individual machines to help prevent attacks from inside the network or from malicious software that has bypassed the network firewall.
Along with these, we utilize synchronized security that communicates between the firewall and the endpoint protection to isolate and remediate threats and keep them from spreading.

What we offer

As a FL licensed low voltage contractor, we are able to perform our own installs, saving you time and money. We offer structured cabling, firewalls for blocking potential viruses or unwanted intrusions etc. We also offer endpoint protection. End to end security for your sensitive information and data especially great for accountants, attorneys and financial companies.

We are also HIPAA Compliant. Meaning your medical records and other sensitive health care documentation and information is safe and secure. Which is great for physicians offices and other medical practices. We offer guest WiFi as well. Guest WiFi systems drive social media presence with branded Guest WiFi. Check out for more information.

Need a wireless bridge? We offer that as well. Point to point, and point to multipoint wireless bridges. Do you have a separate building you need to get internet to? We can install internet to remote buildings that may be in conjunction with one another. These would benefit businesses that have office space and a separate building near by for their trade or projects such as construction companies and industrial parks or even a plaza of chain owned shops etc.